A project idea becomes reality — IvoryHash makes it possible for everyone to mine Bitcoins efficiently, easily and especially sustainably. We are happy to share our story and vision with you!


Refining cutting-edge technology

Today's Bitcoin mining technology is strong. What is missing, however, is a focus on scaling to maximize the efficiency of Bitcoin mining and create networks that work symbiotically in a sustainable way. IvoryHash makes this its mission!

Enhanced BTC mining is just the beginning, we're shaping the future of sustainable crypto mining.

Marcus Winfield
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Marcus Winfield
Chief Executive Officer, IvoryHash LLC
  • 100%

    privately financed by investors and venture capital

  • 2

    ultra-efficient data center locations

  • 82%

    increase in performance of individual miner devices

  • 35+

    great team members and constantly growing

Support from Experts

If you have any technical questions or inquiries about our Network and Mining devices in our cloud or need support for any other issues, don't hesitate to contact our experts 24/7. We will be happy to assist you directly.

Server & Mining Locations

  • Canada
  • Iceland

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IvoryHash LLC
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Little Rock, AR 72202
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Our Leadership & Team

Marcus Winfield

Marcus Winfield

Founder / CEO

Craig Spearing

Craig J. Spearing

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Durand

Sarah Durand

Chief Information Security Officer

Milton Cavanaugh

Milton Cavanaugh

Senior Systems Engineer

Devan M. Ackerman

Devan M. Ackerman

Lead Developer

Derick Kamau

Derick Kamau

Support Team Lead